Wendy’s Story

My sister Wendy is 50 years old and has a learning disability. She moved out and went to live in a house with 3 other people with learning disabilities about 15 years ago and it was wonderful for her, to have her independence.

There are some staff who come and help her with shopping, going to the bank and looking after the house, but Wendy can do things on her own too. She can get the bus by herself and she comes to see me every Tuesday.

And she likes to go to the local Day Centre to see her friends. She makes things to sell like birthday cards and they have trips out and things like that.

Then a little while ago she refused to go but she wouldn’t say why. She was upset and tearful. In the end she told me that there was a new man that had started going to the day centre and that he’d touched her in places she did not like. She hadn’t said anything because she was frightened she’d get into trouble.

I was furious, absolutely furious, so I rang the Day Centre straightaway. They reported the matter through Social Care Direct and everything was looked into.

I attended some meetings with my sister. The police were there too. The social worker called this a “strategy”. Wendy told the social worker what had been happening and everything was sorted out. The man doesn’t go to the Day Centre anymore.

My sister’s so much happier now, she’s started going back to the Day Centre and she’s getting back to her old self again. The social worker and I have told her what to do if anything like this happens again.

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