Peter’s story

My name’s Peter. I’m 32 years old, and I live on my own in a small flat.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 21 and put on medication. I have a psychiatrist and my community psychiatric nurse Jack comes to see me to see how I’m doing.

Sometimes I feel really down, really depressed, and when I’m like that I don’t get out of bed or bother to get washed or dressed, shave, go shopping.

I had an old friend from school, Jason, and he offered to do my shopping and it was a massive help. To start with he always gave me my change but after a while he stopped and I felt too awkward to ask about it. Then he started borrowing money and not giving it back. At first it was £10, then it was £30 or £40.

One day £50 went missing from my flat and Jason was the only person who’d been round for a couple of days, so I asked him for it back and he got really nasty. He was shouting and screaming, and after that he was really funny with me, when he wasn’t being off with me he was ignoring me.

I didn’t know what else to do so I rang the Crisis Line. They thought that Jason might be taking advantage of me and they put me in touch with Social Care Direct.

I spoke to a social worker who listened to everything I said asked if I would like someone to investigate it, and I know Jason and me go a long way back but if someone’s stealing from you then it’s just not right.

The police and the social services were involved. There was a meeting. They asked me if I wanted to go but I didn’t so my nurse Jack told me what had happened.

The next time Jason took my money the police caught him and I got my money back. And now when I’m not well I have a care worker who comes to help me instead.

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