Mary’s Story

I’m 91 and I’ve been living in a care home for the last year because I couldn’t manage any more at home. I had a fall and broke my hip. Some nice ladies came to help me, but I was very frightened of being on my own.

I used to ring my neighbour quite often because I didn’t want to bother my daughter, but she complained and eventually I had to give up my home.

The Care Home was alright to start with. Most of the staff seemed friendly, but some of the night staff were quite nasty. They used to ignore me and the other residents. If I asked for help they just ignored me or made me wait for a long time if I needed to go to the toilet or needed a drink or something like that. I wake up quite early and no one would see if I wanted a cup of tea, but I didn’t like to complain.

I decided to tell my daughter I wanted to move to another Care Home and the whole story came out. She was very upset and she reported these problems to the Manager. They had a big meeting in the Care Home to sort everything out. My daughter went along because I didn’t want to and steps were taken to stop it happening again. The home manager spent time with us to provide reassurance and support and everything’s fine now and I’m happy here.

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