Ellie’s story

I can make something to eat if I can just pop it into a microwave but beyond that it’s a bit difficult. Sometimes my sister Sarah calls in as well, if I need some extra help.

I usually get on really well with my care workers. But recently they sent a new lady along, Tina, and I just wasn’t very keen on her. She was having a lot of trouble in her personal life I think, and it was spilling over into the way she was with me.

One morning she smelled of alcohol, like she’d had a lot to drink the night before. She was irritable, rushing me and I knocked over my tea. I tried to clear it up but she just slapped me and pushed my arm away.

I was so shocked and I was frightened. I asked her to leave immediately and she walked out leaving my door wide open. I was really distressed and crying and I rang the wardens at Care Connect. And then they rang Social Care Direct for me to report the abuse. And they rang the doctor to come and see me to make sure I was ok. I wasn’t seriously hurt but I did have some bruises for a while.

There was a meeting, they called it a strategy meeting, and it was decided that they’d carry out a full investigation. They photographed my bruises and they asked me to make a statement and that was videoed by the police. It was easy to do and they explained what they were doing and why they were doing it.

The police are now considering bringing charges for assault. And the agency’s changing the way they recruit staff so that this doesn’t happen again, to me or to anyone else.

After the incident, my social worker visited me regularly, gave me loads of support. I was told that Tina had been sacked. She’s not allowed to work with vulnerable people any more.

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